Global warehouse


With the world’s five self-operated warehousing and logistics centers as the core node, integrating high-quality air and shipping trunk resources, and through a complete logistics operation system, we
provide customers with a cross-border integration of packaging and sorting, warehousing and transshipment, and drop shipping. Logistics warehousing services.
Help companies and businesses solve cross-border warehousing issues, improve product competitiveness, and reduce operating costs.

Service Features


Independent management by imagesprofessional team
Excellent equipment configuration
, efficient and fast service

Intelligent daily management of imagesOMS and WMS systems images, comprehensive control
Refined warehouse location planning,
storage and processing capacity data evaluation
Flexible and diverse exclusive services
help customers reduce costs

service items


Warehouse rental

The largest area occupied by the product that month


Registration, unpacking/boxing, inventory, shelves, etc.

Post barcode

Post barcodes and other labels on the goods

Quality inspection

100% inspection according to customer's standards when warehousing

Validity registration

Validity of registered goods

Leaflets, printed matter

Place flyers and gifts according to customer requirements, and post printed materials on the outer box


Cargo Insured Service

Milk powder re-export certificate

Apply for milk powder re-export certificate

Temporary points

Various counts

Modify receiving information

The package has been sent to modify the receiving information

Order processing

Packing, sorting, packing, posting, scanning, delivery

Exception order processing

Relocation of returned parts, payment on delivery of returned parts, order cut-off and put on shelves, and return of defective parts on shelves

Exit and rollover

Warehouse inventory, off-shelf, packing, out of warehouse

Special tally

The forecast does not match the actual goods, the barcode does not match, the packing is disordered, etc.

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