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Claim process

1. The member must send the claim application letter to Penghua after-sales claim email: within 5 working days after signing for the package . If it exceeds 5 working days, it will not be accepted.

2. It takes 3-5 working days to process the claim payment now! In case of special circumstances of the package, it can be postponed up to 3 working days.

3. The claim amount will be recharged to the Penghua member account. If you need to arrange the claim amount to a bank account or Alipay, please apply for withdrawal after the claim amount reaches the member account. The withdrawal instructions will be implemented according to the standard.


If there is a small number of parcels, an unpacking video must be provided to ensure that the goods have not been opened after receipt, otherwise it will not be accepted.

All parcels transferred via Penghua must be suitable for personal use!

Click to download <<Penghua Claim Application Letter>>